Furman AC Relay Accessory-PS-REL

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Furman PS-REL
The PS-REL AC Relay provides an alternate way of closing switch contacts with trigger based AC power sensing.

Instead of being operated manually like the RS-1, PS-REL has a relay that detects the presence of AC power. In response, closes relay contacts that are wired to a terminal strip. It may be used with any of the Furman products mentioned in connection with the RS-1.

A PS-REL is useful in determining when a certain outlet has come on after a sequenced delay, to extend that outlet's capacity. It may also be used to extend the capacity of the switched outlet found on many home theater receiver/amps. In this way, a wireless remote can turn on the receiver, which in turn powers its switched outlet, which triggers the PS-REL, which then activates a Furman PS-8R or PS-PRO Power Sequencer, MiniPort, or PowerPort system capable of switching many large power amps or other power-hungry equipment in multiple locations.

Furman PS-REL  Features at a Glance

  • The PS-REL AC Relay Accessory is designed primarily for use with the PS-8R 15 amp Power Sequencer, the PS-PRO 20 amp Power Sequencer, the PowerPort 20 amp Remote AC Controller, the MiniPort-30 Power Relay (30 amps), MiniPort-20 Power Relay (rated 20 amps), and the MiniPort-15 Power Relay (rated 15 amps).
  • The PS-REL is simply a small box containing a relay. It functions as a sensor which can close a switch in response to the presence of AC power.
  • The PS-REL is needed whenever a PS-8R, PS-PRO, PowerPort or MiniPort (or linked chain of PowerPorts or MiniPorts) must be turned on in response to energizing a switched outlet. This occurs frequently in “Home Theater” installations when a switched outlet on a preamp or receiver, (often activated by a wireless remote device), is to be used to power up a large amount of equipment. It allows multiple 15-amp and 20-amp circuits to be controlled from one device.
Line Voltage120 (Volts)
BlueBOLT EnabledNo
AC Protection
Automatic Voltage Shutoff No
Shipping Info
Length8.9 (Inches)
Width5.9 (Inches)
Height2.3 (Inches)
Weight0.6 (Lbs)
Unit of MeasureEach
Master Pack Qty10
Other Specifications
Dimensions4.375" H x 2.5" W x 1" D

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