Cambridge Audio Subwoofers (Each) X201-W

Cambridge Audio Subwoofers (Each) X201-B

Cambridge Audio Subwoofers (Each) X201-W

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SKU: X201-B
SKU: X201-W

Complementing the satellites are two subwoofers, each packed with cutting-edge technology to maximise bass performance from the smallest cabinets possible. The 200 watt X201 and the 300 watt X301 subwoofers both feature forward firing drivers and Auxiliary Bass Radiators resulting in room shaking bass.

Innovative drivers
The two subs use an innovative driver plus an Auxiliary Bass Radiator (ABR) system. This means that rather than having an enclosed box which would require even more power, or a ported design which would require a bigger cabinet we can achieve an extremely efficient and powerful subwoofer housed in a tiny cabinet.

Bass control
Both subs feature a range of simple controls like volume and crossover frequency, to enable you to place them anywhere and match with any system. They also feature an energy saving auto-on mode which automatically turns the subwoofer on when a signal is sensed, meaning it doesn't have to be left on wasting electricity.

Intelligent power
Our software engineers have designed a sophisticated Digital Signal Processor (DSP) to provide real-time control of equalisation and dynamic range. This allows the X201 to handle more power and play louder than ever!

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